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Contemporary office spaces are marked by the design principles of flexibility and openness. The architecture aims at encouraging productive communication and working in teams. The versatile uebobo stool promotes a high work output by adapting perfectly to this environment. It stands out with an impressive design language and offers an innovative concept of active sitting. Adopting the idea of a gymnastic ball, its ergonomics achieve that the seated person is constantly in motion. Combined with the swivel and height adjusting movement of a modern office chair, uebobo incorporates a construction of high flexibility, promoting the well-being and health of users, particularly of their back. The flexible and robust fabric exterior hides all technical components and connects the seat to the base, lending the stool a clear and friendly appearance. Following a smart concept, the stool offers a choice between different colours and three different seat shapes, which can combine in a modular fashion. This allows for a wide variety of designs, each projecting its own appeal. uebobo is shipped flat packed and can be easily assembled without tools in a few minutes. Embodying a design that reinterprets the stool in both form and ergonomics, this stool has emerged as a smart partner that enriches everyday life at any moment with its flexibility.

Statement by the Jury

The uebobo active stool impresses with a colourful and appealing design that turns it into an eye-catcher wherever it is used, providing high seating comfort. Its clear and distinct shape pairs with sophisticated functionality. In addition, this stool easily adapts to individual needs and requirements. Therefore, it lends itself to versatile use, possessing ergonomic qualities that provide sitting comfort and promote well-being and health.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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