Uncle Jack

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Homogeneous material

Polycarbonate plastic possesses unique characteristics. It is transparent like glass, has a soft surface and allows manufacturing of products with high rigidity and long durability. The consistent advancement of shaping through polycarbonate injection-moulding technology made the Uncle Jack sofa emerge as a piece of furniture with a fascinating new aesthetic. The sofa is 190 cm long and made from a single block of polycarbonate weighing 30 kg. It thus already stands out through its dimensions. At the same time, the translucent material and gently curved shape lend it a floating appearance. The visual lightness of Uncle Jack is further enhanced by the fact that the innovative approach to manufacturing enables the creation of surfaces without visible seams or joins. This is how this piece of furniture takes on the look of being made from a single mould. Standing alone or in combination with a matched armchair, it enhances almost any interior with its presence. The Uncle Jack sofa is weather-resistant and thus can easily be used in exterior settings. Alongside a crystal colour, it is also available in black and white, challenging beholders with their enticing interplay of environmental light.

Statement by the Jury

The Uncle Jack sofa fascinates with flowing lines and polycarbonate reaching a new level of expressivity. Applying a spectacular advancement of injection-moulding technology to furniture manufacturing, the sofa has adopted an appearance of a self-enclosed unity without discernible seams or joins. It adopts a fresh and sculptural appearance with a projecting, well-proportioned design that is not only functional but also lends itself to use in different environments.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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