Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Pot


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Since cast iron pots feature high heat retention and thermal conductivity, both professional chefs and private households have relied on them for centuries. However, being made of iron, these tradition-steeped pots are often heavy in weight and difficult to handle. Especially when filled with food they hardly allow being moved around. Unilloy is a cast iron pot that has been developed to keep the good characteristics of cast iron and merge them with new qualities. The pot is surprisingly light and highly functional. With a thickness of only 2 mm, its wall is half that of conventional cast iron pots, yet without the risk of cutting one’s hand on the pot’s rim or surface. The pot is made of a material that was originally used in the production of industrial machinery parts and further developed to open up an entirely new area of application. The innovative material properties of Unilloy are matched by a language of form that is both elegant and well-balanced. The pot showcases a design of flowing lines and a handle of almost delicate appearance. Different in appearance to that of a cast iron product at first glance, the pot can be lifted easily, thanks to its light weight, and without leaving any kind of marks on the hands or fingers. The combination of innovatively utilised materials with a sensually appealing design reinterprets the design of cast iron pots – cooking enjoyment with highly elegant, contemporary cookware.

Statement by the Jury

Unilloy is a cast iron pot with a surprisingly light weight, yet retains the same excellent heat-retentive characteristics as conventional models. Well-balanced in its proportions and featuring a filigree handle design, this pot boasts an appearance that appeals to the senses. The pot has emerged as a product that utilises a material that is innovative in cookware design to set new standards in this field.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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