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Vision of form

The effective presentation of images and videos plays an ever more important role. The design of UniSee started with the visionary goal to eliminate the inter-screen gaps between the individual displays of an LCD video wall. The idea was to minimise these gaps to create an image surface that is as smooth and seamless as possible. Therefore, almost every single system component had to be redesigned. The result is a fascinating solution in terms of aesthetics that is not only self-aligning, but also offers an easy installation and quick access for servicing. Featuring a new mounting structure, the video wall uses the power of gravity to ensure perfect alignment of all screen modules without running the risk of damaging the sensitive edges. Furthermore, this special structure also allows transforming even the most uneven wall into a highly accurate base. Easy-to-understand coloured design elements indicate the touchpoints and simplify installation and servicing. The UniSee platform can be tailored flexibly to support multiple user driven configurations, including an optional portrait orientation. It has a dual power supply and is adaptable to future technologies. UniSee lends itself as a captivating new kind of video wall platform for use in control rooms, conference rooms and other professional environments. It allows creating video walls in variable sizes for outstanding, uninterrupted image quality.

Statement by the Jury

This LCD video wall convinces in an impressive manner with the integration of all mechanical and electronic components into a stringently designed form. The fascinating and trendsetting design conveys a new aesthetic to this kind of construction. The visible gaps between the individual displays are reduced to a minimum, resulting in a visually seamless surface of a high image quality. In addition, the intuitive-to-understand coloured user controls are highly practical.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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