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Upper Crust

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“Upper Crust” is aimed at drawing attention to Taiwanese food culture and its identity by dedicating itself to exploring the origin of food. In three scrolls, booklets, porcelain plates and a book, it traces the traditional preparation methods of Taiwanese dishes, which have been passed down through generations, reminding people of the work steps needed to transform the various ingredients to a finished dish on a plate. The complex delicate preparation processes, which precede a gourmet dish, are presented through finely crafted and outstandingly detailed illustrations. While the plates narrate in comic style the story of how man cultivates nature and animals and the amount of work involved in producing food, the scrolls and booklets reflect the traditional Asian drawing style in simple wide landscape images. Together they manage to convey a consistent impression of selected Taiwanese cuisine.

Statement by the Jury

The message of the quality and significance of traditional Taiwanese cuisine and, in particular, the elaborate preparation processes involved, is conveyed in this design work to outstanding effect. The fantastic illustrations on both the plates and finely crafted scrolls are admirably implemented, making the entire narrative revolving around historic topics including field work, harvest and animal husbandry come to life in vivid impressions.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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