US Olympic Two-Man Bobsled

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Dynamic efficiency

Bobsled racing is a performance sport with speeds of over 150 km/h. For the team representing the USA at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, the company BMW had a sledge developed, which helped the team win the first two-man bobsled Olympic medal in 62 years. The bobsled was tailored to enable the athletes’ best possible start line performance, as this is often crucial for winning a bobsled race. It is made of carbon fibre and it features a streamlined design with a design idiom that impressively visualises quality and aerodynamics. Its slim body contours are the result of over 150 virtual and physical simulations. This led to a very lightweight construction that allows an ideal placement of the regulation-required weight for improved sled handling dynamics. The design of the integrated handgrip system is innovative as it helps to provide greater control of the enormous cornering forces. An internal structural hoop within the sled’s midsection reduces distortion and offers protection in the event of a rollover. In addition, intelligent materials were used to quell vibration and eliminate noise for improved pilot focus and performance. What the pilots experience and achieve on the bobsled run is the result of a highly focused design that perfectly reflects the characteristics of this type of sport.

Statement by the Jury

The performance qualities of this bobsled are selfevident at first glance. It looks aerodynamic, fast and sophisticated to the very last detail. The interdisci-plinary design result realised together with BMW also impresses with regard to the technical engineering aspect. Boasting a highly distinctive identity, this bobsled merges the parameters of geometries, kinematics, materials and aerodynamics for optimum performance.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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