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In the course of time

Since recording work time plays a central role in the organisation of companies, the classic time clock has accompanied generations of employees. Against this backdrop, the uTerminal embodies a contemporary and user-friendly solution for recording time. Featuring a robust unibody housing, this terminal can safely hold and protect an iPad on which the uTerminal app can be installed. Through a wireless network, the system can be easily integrated into any given infrastructure and seamlessly connected with any time management system. Directly interacting with the existing system, the app offers easy access to all aspects of recording time and thus embodies a quick, simple and costeffective solution. Employees are accurately identified by QR codes via the iPad camera or by using an RFID Bluetooth reader with Legic or Mifare badges. The well thought-out design concept of uTerminal allows any number of terminals to be connected across the existing infrastructure. Thanks to the integrated communication capability, the uTerminal interacts immediately with the time recording software. Another important aspect is that the app can save all entries posted, even when used offline, and then transfer the values to the time recording software whenever the app is online again. The uTerminal thus embodies a highly sophisticated interpretation of contemporary time recording – a design that is perfectly adapted to modern work environments.

Statement by the Jury

The uTerminal is an outstandingly designed product with a perfect internal arrangement. It integrates modern technologies in a meaningful and user-friendly manner. All individual elements merge exemplarily into an effective system for recording time. With

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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