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Above all else, safety shoes need to provide protection. This refers not only to the immediate prevention of accidents, but also to the reduction of stresses that affect the wearer when working and can lead to fatigue, reduced performance or physical impairments. However, in addition to protection and comfort, the aesthetics are equally crucial, as people will only wear safety shoes that look good. Only then can the shoes provide the necessary protection required. The uvex 1 x-craft stands out thanks to its utterly modern, sporty design. Developed for users working in the trades, industry, construction and logistics sectors, these safety shoes offer their wearers protection and plenty of freedom of movement. This is achieved not least through an integrated flex groove, which increases the flexibility of the sole when the foot is bent, thereby providing greater comfort when working in kneeling or squatting positions. Optimal cushioning is achieved by means of the uvex i-PUREnrj polyurethane sole technology familiar from other models in the uvex 1 group. The stabilising midsole not only absorbs shocks but also reduces symptoms of fatigue in the wearer by returning the impact energy across the entire sole. A dynamic PU scuff cap and the use of abrasion-resistant outer materials made from PU-coated polyester fibres make for additional protection and durability. Despite its robustness, the shoe is light and pleasant to wear, thanks to the use of breathable outer materials and lining materials such as ripstop fabric, which is commonly used in the outdoor sector. A particularly sustainable version of this safety shoe is offered in the form of the uvex 1 x-craft planet. It consists of 30 per cent recycled and organic materials – with no reduction in protection, comfort or aesthetics. “The uvex 1 x-craft is an all-round well-designed, well-considered shoe,” the jurors ruled. “The composition and processing of the different materials, some of which are recycled, is impressive across the board. First and foremost, however, the shoe is not only robust, but also looks sporty and stylish. So stylish, in fact, that one wants to wear it for everyday use.”

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