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Venova (YVS-120/YVS-140)

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Functional shape

The saxophone – first invented around the middle of the 19th century by the Belgian Adolphe Sax – is now used in almost all musical genres because of the facets of its expression. Venova is an exciting reinterpretation of this single-reed instrument that aims to give beginners the feel and performance of the alto and tenor saxophones. To create such an instrument with saxophone-like characteristics, the Yamaha design team developed the “branched pipe” technology, accompanied by a sculptural design language and meandering shape. This is combined with sophisticated functionality and ergonomics, as the Venova features a simplified fingering system for playing. The interesting aspect here is that playing on it resembles playing a recorder and is therefore just as easy to learn. The main body of the two-octave acoustic instrument is designed with an innovative, rounded shape that reduces the distance between the sound holes and thus makes it easier for players to reach. Compared to conventional saxophone models, the number of keys has also been reduced to a minimum. In addition, Venova has a low weight, which makes it easier to transport. The body is made of an impact-resistant ABS resin and is therefore easier to clean than instruments made of brass. The pads are durable and need to be replaced less often.

Statement by the Jury

The curved shape of the Venova wind instrument is simply fascinating and is directly related to its functionality. Thanks to the innovative “branched pipe” technology, it also offers beginners a wide range of expressive possibilities. The design with a simplified recorder-like fingering system makes it easier to grasp and learn the instrument. Since the Venova is also very light, it is easy to transport.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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