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Vermicular Frying Pan

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The aesthetics of longevity

Cast iron pans have long been appreciated in kitchens for their good heat retention, as this offers many advantages in frying. As an impressive new interpretation, the Vermicular frying pan helps achieve perfect results and offers exceptional ease of use. Against the backdrop that many frying pans are ultimately consumables because of rapidly peeling coating, this frying pan features a coating that has been developed to be particularly durable. It astonishes with a hydrophilic enamel coating that allows water from the ingredients to disperse finely so that excess water evaporates approximately 100 times faster than with normal non-stick pans and 30 times faster than with cast iron pans. This “instant evaporation” reliably helps chefs of all levels to achieve excellent searing results. The highly functional pan is only 1.5 mm thin and thus less than half as thick as other cast iron pans, which makes it very lightweight and therefore easy to manoeuvre with just one hand. Thanks to the seamless wooden handle coherently integrated into the overall shape, the pan also rests ergonomically well-balanced in the hand and is easy to care for. Moreover, the pan never requires cast iron seasoning as the enamel coating makes it rust-proof. In case the enamel wears out eventually, users can have the pan enamel-recoated by the company’s repair service – which further increases its lifetime.

Statement by the Jury

This pan is the expression of a design that follows the maxims of durability and functionality to further advance this traditional kitchen tool in a remarkable manner. With its elegant wooden handle, which does not heat up during frying, it is very easy to hold and handle. The convenient-to-place lid also makes the pan take centre stage in the kitchen, while the innovative hydrophilic properties of the enamel coating ensure perfect frying results.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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