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Vertu One

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Aesthetic pressure

Pressure cookers offer many advantages. High pressure not only shortens the cooking time, it also ensures food maintains a higher nutritional value. The design of Vertu One manages to impressively visualise the innovative properties of this pressure cooker. The pressure can be adjusted to three settings, offering a variety of optimal cooking options. The pressure unit itself is underlined by a bronze plating and thus exudes an air of elegance. The highly practical design of the standing handle minimises water spills from the lid when removed. This pressure cooker showcases an overall friendly appearance and lends itself to a variety of uses in the cooking of food. In addition, the Vertu One fascinates with a sophisticated multifunctional concept, as it can also be used as a conventional cooking pot featuring a matching stainless steel lid that was designed to be leaned obliquely anywhere against the body of the pot. The stainless steel handle offers a pleasant, soft grip and features a cross-section designed to be hollow to make the handle less hot. The high-quality appearance of the Vertu One design conveys high cooking competence – its form and function bestow new relevance to this approach to cooking.

Statement by the Jury

The Vertu One emerged as a pressure cooker with an enticingly novel interpretation. Its overall convincing design epitomises all the advantages offered by this approach toward cooking food. Durable, high-quality materials merge with a highly convenient operation that is self-explanatory and intuitive. The design of the handle makes this cooker both functional and safe. With its aesthetics, it embodies the enrichment of any kitchen.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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