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Instead of shipping pre-packaged beverages around the planet, producing tons of excess carbon dioxide and leaving billions of plastic bottles in the wake – Wayout provides a sustainable alternative for the local supply of water and beverages. By relocating the benefits of the business to where the products are consumed, local prosperity is enabled, outdated industrial structures are bypassed, and humanity is transition towards a greener, healthier and safer future. This rentable micro factory concept enables any lease holder to tailor a portfolio of beverage styles for on-site consumption, such as: mineral water (still and sparkling), soft drinks (sodas and functional drinks) and brews (kombucha, craft ciders and craft beers of any style). Water is the main ingredient and the most important utility in any beverage. To guarantee perfect water quality, the modules are equipped with integrated water treatment systems where all impurities are removed, including micro plastics. The purified water is then re-mineralised to be included as an ingredient in all beverages. The brewing process is made easy. All pre-packaged ingredients are inserted manually in a few simple steps. The fully automated brewing process then takes five to seven days (depending on the beer style), after which the beer is pumped into internal storage tanks and chilled to desired temperature before serving. The four brewery storage tanks have a total internal storage of 3,000 litres for up to six types of premium craft beer and 1,000 litres of pristine drinking water. Soft drinks are mixed on site. Through the integrated tap station, up to four different types of premium craft beer and four types of soft drinks and pristine drinking water can be served. It is also possible to transfer the beverages to kegs for even more variety, additional storage, transport options, catering and serving – both on site or in other locations. The module is furnished with an automated cleaning system that notifies when it is time to clean. The pre-packaged detergents are inserted manually and the cleaning is carried out automatically. The entire process is planned, operated and monitored via a smartphone app. By removing the handling of bottles, a number of costly and harmful side effects is also removed from the entire beverages industry. The eco footprint is kept at a minimum by carefully qualifying the technology, the sources of energy and the ingredients. Ideally, the only CO₂ produced is what sparkles in the beverages. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Culinary & Kitchen

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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