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We are growing

We are growing | Red Dot Design Award

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The annual report of Atlantic Grupa, one of the largest food producer in South-Eastern Europe, puts the company’s growth centre-stage and illustrates how each segment (portfolio, staff, markets, figures) contributes to its success. Not only with regards to content but also form, the haptically appealing book concept demonstrates the company’s growth. The motto “We are growing”, printed in red capital letters on the book cover, which has a shape that ascends like a staircase, creates a high degree of attention.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Atlantic Grupa, Zagreb
  • Design:
    Imago Advertising Agency, Zagreb
  • creative direction/concept:
    Vanja Blumenšajn
  • art direction/graphic design:
    Vinko Čuljak
  • account management:
    Danijela Delić, Martina Bek
  • pre-press:
    Nikola Janjić
We are growing | Red Dot Design Award
We are growing | Red Dot Design Award