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Contemporary ways of working have diversified, and the boundaries of our working environments have become fuzzy with open offices that encourage communication and an increasing number of nomadic workers employed in cafes. While such open environments boost communication, there are times when other people's conversations, noise, and movements make it difficult to focus on one's tasks. As such, today's workers who are required to demonstrate high levels of performance are demanding personalised spaces in which they can concentrate even when they are in an open working environment. WEAR SPACE allows users to create visual and psychological boundaries instantly in their surroundings and ensures a personal space is possible even in an open environment. With Wear Space, users can adjust the "degree of preferred immersion in a personal space”. It is equipped with a visual angle adjustment mechanism (operated by opening and closing the partition), a noise cancellation function, and a sound filtering function. These functions allow users to customise what they want to block out and only allow in the sounds they don’t want to miss, such as someone calling their names or knocking on their doors. Moreover, the accessory’s partition is made with a flexible material that can be collapsed instantly by twisting manually. WEAR SPACE has a compact size that is convenient, portable and allows one’s personal space to be “carried” around anywhere, thus providing instant personal space in a world where boundaries are disappearing. In addition to the office, there are many other scenes where the use of WEAR SPACE is envisioned and comes in handy in daily life, such as learning a new language, building up focus, or working at home when a spouse is playing with the children.

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