Wenheyou Laochangsha Lobster Restaurant

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The Wenheyou Laochangsha Lobster Restaurant in Changsha, China, realises the concept of a shopping mall for distinct experiences. Based on memories, the 20th-century residential block recalls the history of the city in authentically reproduced details. This also includes small shops, where craftsmen of the community offer traditional local food and souvenirs. Furthermore, the subtle concept also integrates barbershops, video game rooms, film theatres, massage rooms and old fashion shops in the restaurant. The shops are all named after the real shops of the past. The special atmosphere of the architecture has been achieved by inserting dining areas between residential areas and retail stores. The restaurant aims to invite customers to enjoy the full play of imagination and memories of Changsha, including the city’s traditional cuisine, its culture and history. The design wants to allow the elderly to recall every detail of their childhood, while young people can experience and partake in the old lifestyle.

Statement by the Jury

The interior design of this restaurant offers a lovingly recreated scene of an old Asian city. Every single detail, including broken cables and air conditioner units out of commission, has been vividly remodelled. As a successful alternative to familiar and globally identical shopping malls, visitors can here experience the recreation of an authentic atmosphere – an ex­perience that also invites them to connect emotionally to the past.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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