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Bestowing self-confidence

People with disabilities often take a long time to accept that they rely on a wheelchair for example. This means of transportation is somewhat stigmatised, often resulting in adverse psychological feelings of being marginalised. The design of the Model C challenges the conventional designs of wheelchairs, bestowing a new aesthetic to this type of mobility. Its futuristic shape adopts a self-contained appearance and immediately attracts attention through its unusual proportions. Instead of hiding, its fashionable appearance consciously puts the wheelchair itself centre stage. Fascinating about the Model C is how it integrates all elements into a highly coherent and flowing aesthetic. Based on an ergonomically and functionally well- thought-out concept, the electric wheelchair is precisely manoeuvrable via a smooth-running joystick. It is driven by two powerful motors via the patented omni front wheels. The high performance of this wheelchair is complemented by a robust design that enable users to easily glide through rough undulating city streets as well as to drive through off-road terrain without hesitation. With its future-oriented design, the Model C promotes a new self-reliance for people who are limited in their mobility – delivering a new sense of feeling free and being less marginalised.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Model C lends wheelchairs a new kind of aesthetic. Its clear and futuristic design idiom counteracts stigmatising clichés and gives people with disabilities more self-confidence. Thanks to its perfectly implemented solution of operating it via a joystick and its superbly designed wheel structure, the wheelchair can be precisely controlled offering easily manoeuvrability. Its economical, resource-conscious construction is well thought-out and path-breaking.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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