Why are you not creative?

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For 30 years, director and producer Hermann Vaske has been interviewing people from the fields of art, culture and show business about their creativity and what promotes it or, conversely, inhibits it. The new website for his second film on this amazing topic now makes visible exactly what many answers from his interviews brought to light, namely that being creative and being not creative are two sides of the same coin and like light and shadow. Since creative people somehow have to navigate through these ups and downs, navigation also plays a central role in the design of the website. Thus, the website does not show the insights of the creative minds as simple statements in video interview snippets, but stages them as a creative journey itself: when users scroll up, they enter the realm of creative insights; when they scroll down, they encounter the uncreative opposite. The website makes use of the mechanics of scrolling by consisting of two containers – one of which runs inverted, so that as users scroll, they access either the pool of creative quotes or the non-creative quotes. For users, however, it never feels like scrolling up or down, but rather like switching into a different world.

Statement by the Jury

The sensational thing about this website about creativity is that it is much more than that – it is a work of art in itself. It is not only that it brilliantly translates the question of creativity, which determines life’s work, into the digital medium through an outstandingly playful use of technology. It is also the tilting of the screen depending on the user’s current interest as well as the overall elegantly and simply designed aesthetics that make this website a unique and surprising experience.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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