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Widex TV Play™ helps users make the most of TV moments. Designed with patent pending dual-antenna technology, Widex TV Play™ achieves maximum streaming stability. This makes it different from other solutions. Widex TV Play™ is intuitive to install. Pairing is seamless. The stereo sound quality is impeccable. And with a simple and easy-to-use app, Widex TV Play™ allows users to customise their listening experience. Dual antenna technology means that the discreet triangle has two antennas placed at different angles on the device. This provides maximum streaming stability and gives users the freedom to move around without losing connectivity. In that way, they never miss out on essential TV moments. With its sleek, discreet design, hearing aid users do not need to disrupt the style of their living space to get the benefits of Widex TV Play™. The dual antenna technology is encased in a sleek, sophisticated and soft fabric-covered design that integrates nicely with standard home entertainment systems as well as modern décor. This adds a new, unprecedented dimension to TV-streaming design. If the user wants it out of sight, it can be attached to the back of the TV for complete discretion. An easy-to-use app for Widex TV Play™ helps users get the listening experience they want. Whether that means excluding all other sounds than the TV, or having a conversation while watching a programme, the app allows the TV volume with ambient sounds and conversations to be balanced out. This way, users are in full control of how much and what they want to hear. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Entertainment

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