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WMF Espresso

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In traditional coffee houses around the world, such as in Vienna and Rome, coffee is still made by loud machines that first grind the coffee. These places virtually celebrate the preparation and serving of coffee in stylish ambiances reflecting hundreds of years of regional coffee drinking culture. The design language of the WMF semi-automatic coffee machine intends to pick up on this tradition. The formal design reference aims at visualising a new concept of coffee making that delivers a reliable process for perfect coffee and espresso making, with portion by portion freshly ground beans. The familiar appearance of this coffee machine is based on an innovative, seemingly floating cup tray under which a cooled depot for coffee beans is neatly concealed. A further, highly familiar element in terms of form and function is represented by the huge conventional portafilters made of mirrow-polished stainless steel. The successful reinterpretation of the classical bar espresso machine is complemented by a clearly arranged touch display for state-of-the-art user guidance. Details such as the touch display with respective technological intelligence and the intelligent handling concept enable carefree operation for any user of this semi-automatic coffee machine, allowing them to prepare coffee at a premium standard at any time – a familiar form and the association of enjoyment are thus consistently transposed into modern times.

Statement by the Jury

Following a fascinating approach, the design of this semi-automatic coffee machine manages to successfully merge the appeal of traditional coffee making with innovative, intelligent technologies. Equipped with a touchscreen for easy, carefree operation, this semi-automatic coffee machine offers the highest degree of convenience and enjoyment. Details such as the apparently floating cup tray and a cooled depot for coffee beans both fascinate and emotionalise when in use.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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