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Wunderhaus is an energy positive house, with an MVHR system that provides continuous fresh filtered air while recovering 93% of the heat provided by an air source heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water. It easily meets its Government’s legislative 80% carbon reduction target for the building industry, while its Passivhaus standard ensures peerless thermal performance, so efficient that it feeds energy back into the grid. Despite its cutting-edge contemporary appearance, the form, size and proportions of the Wunderhaus take their reference from the Neolithic long house, the earliest dwellings built in Europe around 6000BC, reinterpreting and optimising these proportions for today. The end result is an open-plan, double-height living, dining, kitchen and family room. The 7.5-metre gable style roof meets a triple-glazed elevation to create a bright loft-like effect that emphasises the volume of the room. Wunderhaus applies the virtues of a product to the manufacture of domestic buildings. This product-based approach is rooted in the original design process and the factory’s controlled, cutting-edge technology, so consumers know exactly what they are getting — efficient design, high quality, quick assembly and predictable cost. Moreover, it features a light-weight yet strong superstructure made of timber sourced from managed plantations with a PUR insulation core that is CFC/ HCFC-free, has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and a Low Global Warming Potential. The triple glazed windows in the building provide maximum air tightness, minimal thermal bridging and high thermal acoustic insulation.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Architecture

Red Dot

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