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Novel proximity

In many production areas, industrial robots are already seamlessly integrated into the workflows. WYZO is a so-called sidebot that combines the advanced ability to work side by side with humans with the speed of an industrial robot. In line with the maxim “design follows a comprehensive and holistic methodology of need, vision and process,” this robot is characterised by a distinct appearance stemming primarily from its clearly recognisable Alpha arm, complemented by striking product graphics. The robot features an innovatively fenceless design and has a certified proximity detection system. Therefore, in the presence of an operator, it immediately reduces its working speed. This contributes to the humanisation of industry by eliminating the safety barriers otherwise typical of such high-speed industrial machines. Its size has been reduced by six times compared to other compact pick-and-place robots on the market. Thanks to its size and shape, it fits almost anywhere on the production line and can even be moved easily through standard doors and lifts. As a high-speed collaborative robot, it is adaptable and compatible with all standard commercial grippers. It is intuitive to use and able to learn new functions, evolving together with production requirements and increasing its longevity.

Statement by the Jury

With its filigree design, WYZO has an anxiety-reducing effect in the working environment, while colour contrasts simultaneously visualise its dynamism and speed. The concept of a fenceless design combined with a proximity detection system has thus led to a new definition of this type of robot. Not only does it allow operators to relate to it, but it can also be flexibly adapted to changing production processes.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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