X-701 Pet Foods

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X-701 is a Taiwanese pet food manufacturer attaching great importance on a balanced nutrition for cats and dogs. This product line comprises “high-tech space food”, manufactured at –70 degrees Celsius using freeze-drying technology. Complete restoration of the food flavour can be achieved within ten seconds after water is added, resulting in a fully nutrition-balanced meal for pets. In line with this modern production method, the packaging design integrates a high-tech space style that is presented in the form of different constellations of points, lines and planes designed to fit with the animals, which are illustrated in an abstract and screened manner. Against a background of powerful blue and orange, the easy-to-handle packaging with its shiny as well as matte elements thus stands out to attract attention. In a figurative sense, X-701 pet food is like a “small point in the sky” that brings consumers “back to basics”, as the company’s philosophy reads.

Statement by the Jury

The packaging design developed for the cat and dog food series X-701 is a prominent example of the potential that this category has to offer. Designed with care and ingenuity, the illustrations as well as the graphic elements communicate in an excellent manner both the value of this product and the affection that buyers feel towards their pets.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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