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x-change® dynamic terra BW I

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Harmoniously integrated

Heat generation through heat pumps plays a significant role in securing the energy supply of the future. The design of the x-change dynamic terra BW I places durability and user-friendliness centre stage. This brine / water heat pump is a highly efficient, output-controlled heat source that impresses with a monolithic, sound-insulated housing made of sheet steel: showcasing a well-balanced design language, it blends harmoniously into modern living environments. Thanks to its space-saving setup dimensions, it never visually dominates in any room. A green, easy-to-recognise strip of colour in the two-tone front symbolises an environmentally compatible, “green” heat generation of the device. Another central innovative aspect of this heat pump is its very low noise emission: offering virtually silent operation, it can barely be heard when running. Designed to heat drinking as well as heating water in one- and two-family homes, the device extracts the energy required for those tasks directly from the ground. Another overly useful feature is that the heat pump, with appropriate accessories, can also perform a passive cooling function in the warm season. The heat pump fascinates with an outstanding ease of use, achieved through self-explanatory icons on the colour touch display of the seamlessly integrated x-center x40 controller.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the x-change dynamic terra BW I brine / water heat pump impressively focuses on high quality and professionalism. Its balanced and straightforward design language possesses a high recognition value and perfectly communicates the brand identity. This heat pump inspires with its formal harmony, combining the various elements and colours to form a very positive overall impression.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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