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X1D-50c | Red Dot Design Award

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Hasselblad cameras have shaped the world of photography since 1941, the founding year of the company by the same name. Owing to their special quality and the possibilities of image capture they are of almost mythical significance. The X1D-50c is a compact mirrorless digital medium format camera that weighs less than half that of a conventional digital medium format camera. It has been created to merge Scandinavian design values with high performance demands. Its innovative, compact design features sophisticated ergonomics and ease of use. The camera’s top panel has been kept deliberately simple and functional to guarantee a professional shooting position and intuitive handling. The thoroughly conceived distribution of weight has led to a well-balanced body made of milled aluminium to provide a durable, weatherproof and rugged exterior. The classic chrome fillets have been replaced with crisp chamfers to yield high expressivity and protection against environmental influences. The icon-based interface of the X1D-50c is highly impressive as it allows users to conveniently customise functions and preferences using intuitive gestures familiar from modern smartphones. The X1D-50c delivers an experience of perfect interaction between the graphical user interface and the control elements – while the distinctive shape makes the camera tie in seamlessly with the Hasselblad legend.

Statement by the Jury

It is impressive how the company Hasselblad succeeds in producing cameras of such high quality over a very long period of time, a quality that is passed on harmoniously from the analogue to the digital camera. The X1D-50c offers a very user-friendly way of interacting with a perfectly designed touch control and intuitive replay functions. The representations on the display in the form of icons are also impressive. Every single detail of this camera documents true design quality.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Victor Hasselblad AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • In-house design:
    Victor Hasselblad AB
X1D-50c | Red Dot Design Award
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