Xperia PRO

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Design always faces the challenge of having to incorporate new technologies into user-friendly concepts. The Xperia PRO is an innovative device for users who seek to engage in a new style of visual content creation leveraging 5G connectivity. Specially designed for connection with professional equipment, the smartphone features an HDMI terminal that links with a camera, as well as a 4K OLED display that achieves professional-grade colour reproduction. Visual data captured with this camera can be monitored on the Xperia PRO or streamed live thanks to the phone’s HDMI connectivity. Data can also be sent directly to a remote editor to streamline the workflow and cut costs. To ensure reliable reception and transmission of 5G mmWave signals, which tend to travel in a straight line and are prone to attenuation, the chassis features antennas placed in four directions. A low dielectric constant material covers the outer periphery to enable radio waves to be received 360 degrees. The distinctive structure of this smartphone diffuses heat during long hours of use to maintain communication efficiency. The terminals and buttons are arranged to enhance usability when connected with other equipment. Fully incorporating extensive professional expertise, this smartphone combines imaging and communication functions to enable particularly creative workflows.

Statement by the Jury

The Xperia PRO smartphone opens up many new possibilities for the creation of visual content thanks to HDMI and 5G connectivity. It impresses with its balanced language of form and well-thought-out functionality. Also highly convenient is the option to use the 4K OLED display as an external screen. The antennas, placed in four directions to ensure reliable reception of 5G mmWave signals, are integrated coherently into the enclosure.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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