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Fascinating interaction

Since the time when a camera obscura was needed to generate a photograph-like image, the possibilities for generating images have changed and expanded significantly. The Xperia Touch is a portable projector that can project content onto virtually any surface, such as a wall or tabletop, and turn those surfaces into an interactive touchscreen. As an expression of the creative attempt to push the boundaries of image projection, an interface was created that blends seamlessly into the environment. The device impresses with a clear design idiom that eliminates edges. Showcasing a compact housing that merges the short throw projector, sensors, batteries and other components into a functional and coherent unity, the device is easy to transport and simple to install anywhere in the house. Running on Android OS, the Xperia Touch not only lets users manipulate wall and table projections with simple, intuitive touch operations, and thus facilitate complex interaction, it also allows searching for information and launching apps by voice command. The support of Google Play apps enables users for instance to share individual experiences with families and friends, play games in a group, plan trips online as a family, watch movies together or make video calls. The Xperia Touch promotes a variety of new modes of communication and interaction – an outstandingly versatile device that redefines the boundaries of visual presentation in an original manner.

Statement by the Jury

Able to project onto any surface and introducing touch-input capability, this smart-technology projector offers a plethora of new options for users of all ages. It can be used for reading recipes in the kitchen, as well as for gaming or a video chat. The Xperia Touch fascinates with a restrained and compact design that consistently integrates all components. The novel interface design offers a highly exciting approach towards interaction.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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