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With a clean cut

As helpful, unmanned flying objects, drones have conquered ever more areas of our life. Thus, they are used in land surveying or deliver spectacular images of volcanic eruptions, for example. Xplorer fascinates with a design idiom that sets new standards. The shape of the drone is based on the principle of a rhombic section. Almost as with a crystal, this kind of design arranges the elements in a spiral pattern to create an enclosed shape. The radii are therefore well balanced, lending the Xplorer a high degree of presence. The drone adopts an easy-to-follow modular design. It can be easily disassembled without the need for tools and can be maintained properly even by the average person. The gimbal, battery and control module are available individually, an approach that reduces maintenance costs. In addition, an intelligent battery management ensures that both overdischarge and overcharge are avoided. Since Xplorer finds its way back automatically when it flies beyond the effective remote control distance or if the battery runs low, this drone offers a high degree of safety. Its expressive design lends it an identity of a kind and emotionalises the user.

Statement by the Jury

This drone is marked by high quality paired with perfection in detail. It embodies a specific form that fascinates with an elegance hitherto unseen in this field of application. All of its elements were merged to form a consistent unity. The comfortable to use remote control as well as the functional case for transportation also fascinate with an equally premium quality appeal design idiom.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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