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XS-5 Series

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Managing information

Information systems in building technology or for smart home applications are highly differentiated and it is the task of their interfaces to manage the complexity as user-friendly as possible. The XS-5 communication gateway impresses with a clear style that integrates harmoniously into its environment and conveys a high sense of competence. This gateway device for IoT communication features advanced technology. It enables remote management of solar and wind power generation, for example, as well as equipment failure prediction. Facility equipment protocols can be changed through this unit, while its sophisticated security functions provide safe and secure cloud connections. In addition, this device also enables remote monitoring of tsunamis and river water levels. The extremely user-friendly concept of the displays, which are easy to read even in dark surroundings and in a horizontal position, is very well solved in terms of design. The gateway also distinguishes itself through a water- and dust-resistant construction, thus making it lend itself well for use in equipment rooms, factories and so forth. Showcasing a harmonious balance between a sturdy, durable structure and a simple, intrinsically focused shape that is aimed at expressing security and reliability, the XS-5 series sets new standards and aestheticises its field of application.

Statement by the Jury

The XS-5 communication gateway impresses with advanced technology and a clear, purist design. It provides information in a highly user-oriented manner, automatically indicating dangerous situations such as device failures or tsunami warnings. The design skilfully underscores the featured innovative functionality and lends the gateway an iconic appearance. Both water- and dust-resistant, the device is also suitable for use in industrial environments.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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