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Freedom and self-confidence

Impairments in physical mobility are often perceived as a disadvantage that substantially affects one’s life activities. To improve this situation, the XZ-Droid incorporates innovative technology combined with cutting-edge design. This robot integrates the functions of an intelligent wheelchair, a lift aid and a rehabilitation assistance device. It is applicable for many types of medical problems and can be adapted accordingly. The robot can be boarded from the back and use the belts to connect with the user’s waist, legs and knees. The swing force of the upper limb arm can be used to drive the body of the user to an upright standing position. The control board allows intuitive manoeuvring of the robot’s speed and direction, as well as its independent movements. The body position can be changed between standing and sitting as well as different body angles to easily accommodate various situations in everyday life. Users gain the freedom of many possible adjustments. Well thought-out in terms of ergonomics and functionality, the XZ-Droid further adapts to the human body by allowing individual chest, knee and sitting position settings via a multi-module adjuster. A significant advantage is that the device keeps the hands of users free at all times. This allows them to act more freely without help – carrying out many of their daily activities on their own.

Statement by the Jury

The XZ-Droid was consciously modelled to closely follow the human anatomy and cater for the special needs of people with disabilities. Based on a sophisticated concept in terms of ergonomics, the device demonstrates the abilities of modern robot technology. The self-explanatory operation greatly enhances the quality of life of its users by enhancing their self-confidence. The sensitive nature of the device’s functionality supports user mobility and promotes rehabilitation.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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