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Working out at home to keep healthy and fit has many benefits because it allows sticking to one’s own schedule. The Yesoul Smart Cycling indoor bike has been designed and matched perfectly for use at home. It offers users a myriad of comfortable possibilities to enhance health and fitness, as the unit can innovatively connect to the Internet and allows users to take part in fitness courses via live streaming. The interaction is facilitated via a 19.5” smart touchscreen with a user-friendly design integrated into the bike’s head. With the Yesoul App users can access the live streaming of a coach or opt for courses on demand, and even manage their exercise data. Fascinatingly, all data and guidance are displayed in real time. In addition, this home fitness device delivers sophisticated technology and ergonomics with its belt transmission and magnetic brake. The pull-type resistance-regulating stem embedded in the bike head helps avoid the movement track of the legs. The Yesoul Smart Cycling indoor bike fascinates with a highly self-sufficient design language, which is unusual for this type of device and primarily based on a design approach that hides all mechanical parts. Featuring a V-shaped structure frame, it provides high stability and compactness. With its comfort and path-breaking elegance, this home fitness device sets new standards and, at the same time, enhances any interior.

Statement by the Jury

The Yesoul Smart Cycling optimises the possibilities of indoor bikes. Innovative Internet connectivity and live streaming deliver direct interaction with a coach. This fitness device convinces with sophisticated technology and ergonomics, its user-friendly functionality as well as a highly elegant design language unusual for this product segment. Exacting and reduced to essential features, its design improves the performance of this type of devices to lasting effect.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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