Zehnder Zmart

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New surfaces

As the final link in a complex chain of heat production for the home, radiators usually blend more or less effortlessly into a given interior. The aim in designing the Zehnder Zmart radiator was to create a new form for as many different spatial situations as possible. At the centre was the integration of the valve into the radiator in order to achieve a surface without visible interruption. The solution was to separate the “operational” and “actuational” functions of the thermostat and fully integrate the valve into the body of the radiator. This resulted in a seamless, enclosed cover extending over the front and sides of the radiator body. The hardly noticeable single opening is located at the air outlet on top. Since this opening is surrounded by a frame that merges seamlessly with the cover, the design was able to do entirely without a grille. The radiator is highly convenient to operate and can be mounted quickly and easily thanks to flexible connections. The user convenience is further enhanced by allowing the thermostat to be positioned on the left or right without the need to remove the radiator. Zehnder Zmart is much lighter than conventional radiators, features outstanding ecological heat-efficiency properties and is non-corrosive due to its polymer heating registers. The innovative design of this radiator turns it into a non-obtrusive interior element – emerging with clear surfaces that integrate seamlessly into almost any interior.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Zehnder Zmart radiator delivers a new spatial aesthetic. Since the valve was formally integrated, this radiator blends elegantly into almost any environment, allowing for new approaches in interior planning. It makes the otherwise often large, rectangular and usually massive radiator surfaces emerge with a well-proportioned appearance. The details are well thought-out, lending it a highly sophisticated appeal.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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