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ZEN – A Moving Brand Sculpture

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The concept of this brand sculpture for the foyer of Raiffeisenbank Switzerland in Lenzerheide is inspired by the meditation rituals of Zen Buddhism. In a circular movement, two aluminium roller arms print the statement “Heute ist morgen schon gestern” (Today is already yesterday’s tomorrow) in the sand over and over, just to be removed immediately by a rake. Perceived as a meditative process due to the constant repetition, viewers are thus subtly reminded of the fast pace of life and transience of all being. This statement, in turn, is compensated by the sculpture printing of the bank’s brand claim “Wir machen den Weg frei” (We clear the way) in the inner circle of the sand surface. In an emotional appeal, this at the same time communicates the offer of help and support to the customer. The interplay of the emerging and again disappearing typography of the work aims at arousing curiosity and inviting customers who see it to encounter and deal with the Raiffeisen brand in an artistic way.

Statement by the Jury

This sculpture is based on the meditative aspect found in the philosophy of Zen Buddhism and uses it in a distinctive approach for the communication of the brand. A beautiful idea that has been implemented consistently and which achieves an effect that is both atmospherically intense and inspiring in appearance. The artistic appeal of the installation catches the eye and thus invites reflection.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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