ZNTH AR Telescope

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The ZNTH telescope makes a departure from complex looking scopes for a cleaner user experience with simpler interaction elements, ensuring that the operation and set up of the telescope is easy for novices and experienced users alike. The AR level (artificial brightening of celestial objects) can be changed easily, just like adjusting focus, thus giving the user a pure stargazing experience. The ZNTH telescope allows for a range of mounts, meaning that the stargazing can happen indoors and true craft can be embraced under the night sky. A finder scope is seamlessly integrated to help locate a desired astronomical object—aligned along the main telescope's line of sight. Larger aperture Schmidt-Cassegrain tubes offer the chance to look further out into our atmosphere as the user's interest and skill level increase over time. Closer celestial objects, such as the moons within our solar systems, require a small aperture tube to view, while objects further out, such as star clusters and nebulae, require larger tubes, which ZNTH allows. ZNTH is lined with VANTABLACK® to block out ambient light and ensure as clean an image as possible. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Recreation

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