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ZV-1 / ZV-1G

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At the centre of daily life

Media behaviour is changing at a very fast pace. The design of the ZV-1 / ZV-1G digital camera responds to the increasing popularity of social media and video sharing websites, and with it a growing number of young people who are now uploading video content online, as they want to easily share snapshots of their daily lives, travel destination reviews or make-up videos with the rest of the world. This video camera enables these young creators to convey messages in high-quality video that far outstrips content shot with a smartphone. Its flat body design facilitates intuitive handling, from taking it out of a bag and shooting both still images and videos to taking selfies. The slightly large ridge on the body is designed to minimise the impact of the wind on sound when recording and to ensure a comfortable grip even when the camera is held at an unnatural angle. When used with the attachable shooting grip, the camera can be operated and flipped around with a single hand, left or right. This also allows flipping the camera around to instantly change the shooting direction. Featuring a 1.0-type CMOS sensor and a ZEISS lens on a compact body, this camera is suitable for shooting high-quality video even under poorer conditions. Moreover, it features a microphone, autofocus and image stabilisation control, all perfectly tuned for shooting online video.

Statement by the Jury

This digital compact camera is perfectly adapted to the daily media usage of young target groups. With its flat body design it allows for uncomplicated handling. Highly functional and comfortable in use are the slightly larger ridge on the side of the body and the attachable shooting grip. Equipped with a large Sony image sensor and a ZEISS lens, it reliably delivers high-quality image content.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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