Red Dot Award: Design Concept


Type of Design Concepts

Upon preparing an entry for the award, specify if the design is a “Concept” or if it is “Ready To Launch”. This allows the jury to better understand the design and will apply different criteria to evaluate a design that is still at a developmental stage compared to a design that is almost ready for the market.

More information on the evaluation criteria for a “Concept” and a “Ready To Launch” design can be found here.


“Concepts” are  designs that are still at the early developmental stage. They can be just an idea or a prototype and will not be made available for the market within the next few months or years.

Ready To Launch

“Ready To Launch” designs are almost or already fully developed as a product or a service. They may have already been announced to the market but are not yet available for delivery to the market before 2 June 2020.

Types of Categories

There are 42 categories to select from. Each category name is deliberately vague and broad to encourage unhindered imagination and innovation. The list of examples following each categories are samples and should not limit your entry. A single design concept can be submitted multiple times under different categories if the concept has attributes that is fitting to different categories.

Life Science



Wellness and Beauty

Fashion and Accessories




Sports and Recreation


Safety and Protection


Bathroom and Hygiene


Home Furniture

Office and Commercial Furniture

Interior Design Elements

Culinary and Kitchen

Domestic Aid and Home Appliances


Communication Technology

Wearable Technology


Media and Music

Interaction and User Experience

Industry and Tools

Materials and Surfaces

Computing and Productivity

Service Design

Exhibition and Events


Artificial Intelligence

3D Printed

Virtual and Augmented Reality