Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Architecture, Habitat, Public Space

Three separate categories that provide inspiration to what could be possible for buildings, homes, shelters, outdoor shared spaces, bus stops, bridges, the structures that shape the urban environment and the places called home.


Houses, buildings, private, public, cultural, civic, refurbishment, re-built, others


Tree houses, mobile homes, space stations, underwater homes, capsules, intelligent homes, urban design, disaster rapid deployment housing, tents, marquees, low cost housing, bomb shelters, animal shelters, homeless shelters, enclosed areas, interior design, interior architecture, others

Public Space

Bridges, street lighting, roads, beaches, outdoor seating, street information signages, shelters, bus-stops, traffic systems, car parks, public parks, communal buildings, community infrastructure, free access spaces, others

Examples from past years' winners

1784, The Testbed

Samoo Architects & Engineers,
Naver SPX Design Lab
South Korea


Wunderhaus Ltd
United Kingdom

A House Wide Shut

Grupa Plus Architekci

Take A Seat, Canopy Table

Ursa Vrhunc

Buan Art Factory

Narrative Architects
South Korea


School of Design, University of Montreal

Prologue to Xiqu Centre

Architectural Services Department (ArchSD)
Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)
Hong Kong, SAR


Dr. Nishi Takatoku

Smart House

Guangzhou Bowerbird House Ltd

Bus Shelters for The City of Miami Beach

Pininfarina, United States
ACAI Associates, United States
TLC Engineering, United States