Ling Tung University

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Ling Tung University

Cultivating visual awareness

The topic of sustainability occupies young designers all over the world: this generation of designers wants to raise awareness by translating problems visually and making them understandable. The same goes for Zhuo-Rong Li, Yu-Lun Chen, Dai-Jin Li, Hsin-Ning Kuo and Jing-Xiu Hu, who study at Ling Tung University and are devoted to rendering the microplastics in our food three-dimensionally.

Red Dot about Ling Tung University

For us, the focus is not on the design form, but on how to communicate effectively through visuals.

Zhuo-Rong Li, Yu-Lun Chen, Dai-Jin Li, Hsin-Ning Kuo, Jing-Xiu Hu

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