Red Dot Award: Product Design

Design in the bathroom

Design for more rest in the bathroom

Within the last years, the meaning of the bathroom has changed a lot. Today, it is not only the room for the rapid hygiene, it has more and more become a feel-good space. Accordingly, it loses its primary functional purpose and becomes the centre of relaxation and calm. The bathroom increasingly convinces with cosiness and takes up individual requirements for a comfy home. With modern forms, valuable and exceptional materials as well as with first-class quality, the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 created furniture and accessories which can be combined flexibly and delight with innovative, plain designs. Amongst the awarded products from the category “Bathroom and sanitary equipment”, there are two objects which were granted a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

“BetteLux Oval Couture”

The free-standing bathtub “BetteLux Oval Couture” is one of the products that received the highest distinction of the competition. It places the aspect of personal well-being and relaxation centre stage. With its restrained style and its expressiveness, it invites to linger. For the surface, a material that is unusual in this area has been used: above the body, made of enamelled titanium steel, the bathtub is coated with a panel made from woven waterproof and climate-resistant fabric. It convinces with a pleasant haptics and underlines the luxurious appearance of the bathtub which is manufactured by Bette and designed by Produktdesign Tesseraux+Partner.

Wooden washbasin “CONE”

Equally extraordinary materials are used forthe wooden washbasin “CONE”, manufactured  by Tischlerei Paul Neumann and designed by Heiko Neumann: its body consists of the processed part of a tree trunk. Carried by a black-lacquered steel module, which ideally fits the tree’s natural growth pattern, the product convinces with a high degree of individuality and naturalness. Therefore, it was awarded a Red Dot.

Washbasin “ASSE”

The washbasin “ASSE”, which also received a Red Dot, has a completely different style. Its thin stainless steel plates, which join seamlessly as a bowl of purist appearance, are bent at a right angle, taking advantage of a special process. Thus, straight lines characterise the washbasin from Sanwa Company. Details such as the drain strainer are integrated invisibly into the washbowl, further underlining the holistic nature of the design. A hybrid coating of organic and inorganic colour provides the material with high durability.

Super-slim urinal “Sailing”

The second product, which was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best, is the super-slim urinal “SAILING”, which is manufactured by JOMOO Kitchen & Bath and designed by Schumanndesign. The product, which enriches public spaces, is inspired by the maritime world. The gently curved lines, seamless design and special surface coating make SAILING easy to clean. Users can better protect their privacy due to the angled position of the urinal. Furthermore, only 0.5 litres per activation are needed as the urinal is equipped with a sensor-integrated flushing.

“ORO Shower Enclosure”

Just as the urinal “SAILING”, the shower enclosure range “ORO Shower Enclosure”, manufactured by Flair Showers, is characterised by pure elegance and forward-looking functionality. As the sliding doors glide over magnetic guides, the doors are easy to open and close. The mechanical details are subtly concealed, placing the visual appearance centre stage. Highlight is the elegantly shaped handle. The series was created by Design Partners, together with Ronan O’Grady from Flair Showers, and received the distinction “Red Dot”.

Bathroom series “Luv”

“The elements of the Luv bathroom series are elegantly coordinated. Timeless in design and offering versatile combinations, they embody a convincing solution for modern bathrooms,” says the Red Dot Jury about the bathroom series “Luv”. It features Nordic purism and timeless elegance, which is reached through clear forms and edges. Manufactured by Duravit and designed by Cecilie Manz Studio, a colour scheme of soft matt lacquer and glaze tones has been exclusively developed for the Red Dot awarded collection.

Results of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 soon to be announced

Further products, that were awarded in the category “Bathroom and sanitary equipment” in 2018, can be found in Red Dot’s Online Exhibition. The winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 will show in which direction the industry is moving and which innovations can be expected henceforth. The results of this year’s competition will be announced on 25 March. On 8 July, the day of the award ceremony, the laureates will be duly celebrated.