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Samsonite Design &
Development Team Achilles Design

An interview with the design team behind the award-winning suitcase IBON

Red Dot: From your perspective, what are the most important features of an item of luggage?
Samsonite Design & Development Team Achilles Design: Lightweight design and durability are built into Samsonite’s DNA. So is “light travelling”, which means no-stress and worry-free travelling. User-friendly compartments with simple and fast access, as well as enhanced mobility and flexibility, are also very much  in focus. The world is changing and so are people’s travel habits. Our new product developments reflect those changes.

How would you describe Samsonite’s fundamental design philosophy?
Designers are visionaries. We are very imaginative individuals and excellent observers. Conceptual thinking is important. We aren’t just selling a physical product we’re sharing a story, an experience, a vision. We anticipate the changes taking place in our world and propose innovative solutions that exceed consumer expectations. Good design should awake the consumer, improve their lives and change the world.  

What unites the many different Samsonite models?  
We translate our brand DNA into exceptional design languages that sets us apart from our competitors – and we do that consistently for all our collections. Having a recognisable brand is very important to us.  

How do you go about selecting the materials for your designs?
We’re focusing to a greater extent on sourcing new and sustainable materials in our design and innovation process. This is taking place at the same time as our concept development activities. Both are equally important aspects of the design process, and each has an impact on the other.