Designer profile

Sony Group Corporation

The design team of the award-winning Sony FR7 camera in an interview

Red Dot: Does designing for a creative target group – such as filmmakers in this case – also require a particularly high level of creativity?
Sony Group Corporation: We need to have a deep understanding of creative people such as filmmakers and incorporate the insights gained through observation into the product. In addition, our products should not only embody a response to their needs, but we should also try to exceed their expectations – and that is exactly what also requires a high level of creativity from us designers.

How do you manage the balancing act between high-tech on the one hand and human-centred design on the other?
In addition to the quality of the image sensor itself and the high-resolution image quality, the entire workflow of setting up the equipment, including changing the lens, was also considered as part of the UX design, based on the knowledge gained at the shooting locations. The result was a design that maximises the user’s work efficiency. The web app shows the seven most important parameters for filming directly below the shooting screen, allowing the user to adjust them in one step without having to take the eyes off the images. The design enables extremely smooth control from pre-shooting setup to filming action, encompassing both the industrial design and the user interface.

What role does the quality of seduction play in the design of such a camera?
While the beauty of its appearance is important, of course, what’s even more important is the positioning as a filming tool. Therefore, we think that developing a user experience that allows the filmmaker to focus on the act of filming is the actual emotional value for the user.