Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design

Yearbook out now

Leading medium for the brands and communication industry: International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2020/2021 out now

The International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2020/2021 has now been published. In two imposing volumes, it documents the results of the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020. As a reference guide for designers, agencies, journalists, corporate communication experts and fans of design, it presents the award-winning brands and projects in text and images. It also shines a light on the Red Dot: Agency of the Year and the competition jurors.

Award-winning projects on the cover

Featuring an excerpt from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the cover design gives a sneak preview of the high quality of the creative achievements awarded with a distinction. It shows a mash-up of two projects that have won an award – the Human Rights Tattoo campaign and the font family “Söhne Collection”. The shape of the letters shown is inspired by the Söhne Mono font. The colours reflect the different skin colours of the people who have had one of the 6,773 letters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights tattooed on their body as part of the Human Rights Tattoo project. Inside the yearbook, readers can find more information about the website for the Human Rights Tattoo campaign, which was designed by Freshheads and awarded a Red Dot: Grand Prix. The same applies to the font, for which Klim Type Foundry from New Zealand received a Red Dot: Best of the Best from the jury.

All of the laureates brought together in two volumes

The tone set by the cover design is continued inside the yearbook, with the International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2020/2021 compiling the world’s best and newest developments in the field of communication and brand design in two volumes. They present all of the award-winning works and brands using premium images and informative texts. These include the best brands from different industries, such as the brand presence of Swedish automobile manufacturer “Polestar”, the only entrant to win the highest distinction “Red Dot: Brand of the Year”. Exciting projects from 17 categories in the “Communication Design” section round off this review of the status quo in communication design.

Interbrand, the creative minds behind the best projects and the Red Dot Jury

Special attention is given to the achievements of the Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2020. The honorary title was bestowed on Interbrand, one of the world’s leading brand consultancies. The yearbook presents this year’s winning works by Interbrand, and an interview with Global Chief Creative Officer Andy Payne provides fascinating insights into how the agency with its global operations thinks and works.

Exclusive profiles for the designers of the top distinctions complete the presentation in the yearbook. Features on the 24 international jury members allow readers to look behind the scenes. The jurors assessed each brand and piece of work individually and extensively in line with professional standards.

1,371 pages of good brands and communication design

The International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2020/2021 gathers all of the award-winners from 50 countries, portraying a vibrant image of the current state of play in brands and communication design. In two volumes comprising 1,371 pages in total, the yearbook provides a high-quality and high-profile platform from which to showcase the winners.

International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2020/2021
Peter Zec (Ed.)
1,371 pages in two volumes, bound
Red Dot Edition: November 2020