Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design

Innovation and quality: Hyundai

While Hyundai’s vehicle beginnings in 1967 were characterised by functionality, over the decades the company has closely followed the growing demands placed on individual mobility. With enormous growth, the Hyundai brand consolidates itself through constant technical innovations as well as their communication to the outside world.

More than a car

Hyundai pursues the claim of constantly redefining individual mobility. Thus, the car is to be designed as a very personal product. In doing so, the South Korean brand succeeds time and again in setting technical and aesthetic accents in the competitive market. In 2014, a new brand world will be created for this purpose: characterised by a warm bronze tone and accompanied by natural colours, the Hyundai showrooms and dealerships welcome visitors in a cosy atmosphere. Thanks to this consistent spatial staging and the coordinated visual language, Hyundai ultimately also succeeds in convincing the Red Dot Jury over the years: in 2018, the brand was finally named Red Dot: Brand of the Year.

On the pulse of time

What a strong unit communication and product design form at Hyundai can be seen, for example, in the IONIQ5 model: in 2021, the associated infotainment system will be awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design.

Design as a driving force

This holistic brand world of Hyundai can be experienced not only in the vehicles themselves, but also in their communicative implementation. With a video-based platform, which will also be honoured with a Red Dot in 2021, informative online content is optimally linked with an atmospheric immersion in the Hyundai cosmos. Service performance and lifestyle, quality and well-being will meet the growing need to obtain comprehensive information about a new vehicle from the comfort of one’s own home, without having to forego the familiar on-site dealer experience.

Technical change

With the growing number of hybrid and e-vehicles, car manufacturers are also being asked to think beyond their actual products. Hyundai recently took these new requirements into account, for example, with the development of its E-pit Ultra Fast Charger: at the highest technical standard, such as automatic vehicle recognition as well as an innovative cable mechanism for better manoeuvrability, the brand-typical design is also combined here with intuitive comfort for the user.

In the fast lane

In 2022, the South Korean company can look forward to a Red Dot: Best of the Best. The futuristic-looking van “STARIA” convinces the Red Dot jury to award the competition’s highest distinction. This success in the Red Dot Design Award once again confirms Hyundai’s consistent approach to intelligently combining design disciplines – technology without design is like a car without an engine.

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