Red Dot Award: Product Design

Hettich fittings

Invisible and indispensable – functional fittings from Hettich allow for different design variants

Hettich is a manufacturer of functional fittings and a member of the organisation “Furniture Club – Made In Germany”. The company has won a distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design four times in the past ten years. It describes its products as invisible and indispensable, highlighting their relevance for the furniture industry. They offer functionality and allow for different design variants. For example, the fittings mean that a drawer system made from stone or glass can extend out from a cabinet safely and discreetly despite its weight. The accent lighting “AvanTech YOU Illumination”, which won the “High product quality” distinction in interzum award 2021, adds distinctive visual effects to the drawer.

Small spaces that are big on comfort

Hettich is seen as a pioneer and trendsetter in the industry. It is especially adept at coming up with new developments in the area of urbanisation. As living space gets more and more expensive and scarce, there is a need to maximise comfort in a small space. “We overcome this challenge using small-sized layouts designed to use every bit of space from the floor to the ceiling. At the same time, we don’t want people to feel like they are living in a shoebox. Instead, we want them to enjoy the benefits of open space living. Examples include a wall unit between the living room and bedroom that can be moved around in different ways to create space in the room being used, or a unit under the eaves that easily transforms into a fully equipped utility room, or a home office underneath the stairs.” This is how Wilhelm Bulling, Marketing Manager at Hettich, explains the company’s approach.

The flap fitting “ViZard by ambigence” won a Red Dot in 2019. It can be integrated invisibly into the side panels of a piece of furniture, allowing for maximum use of the space inside. It also adds a touch of elegance behind glass panels. The integrated soft close function ensures that the flaps open and close gently and quietly.

Flexibility while you work

Hettich also provides impetus and inspiring ideas around ‘new work’. “We want a home office to be a place that blends working and living in the best way possible. But even in the office, traditional workspaces are changing. There is a widespread move away from rigid open-place offices to flexible spaces where you can work in a team, with your client or simply concentrate on your own. We are no strangers to height-adjustable desks and flexible wall units. Hettich has already come up with practical and creative concepts for spaces and furniture that meet the varied requirements of the modern world of work,” says Anke Wöhler, who also works in Marketing for Hettich.

The wide-angle hinge “Sensys” won a Red Dot in 2014. The hinge closes furniture doors gently and reliably thanks to the unusually wide closing angle of 35°. This makes it particularly suited to units that need to be opened wide, for example to store folders or other work supplies inside.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

The Red Dot Award: Product Design uncovers the innovations by furniture and fittings manufacturers that will gain traction in the year ahead. From 11 October 2021, manufacturers and designers alike are invited to enter their best products in the competition. In addition to “Home and Seating Furniture”, “Kitchens and Kitchen Furniture” and “Interior Design Elements”, they can choose from around 50 additional categories including “Robotics”, “Hobby and Leisure” or “Communication Technology”.

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