Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design

Red Dot: Grand Prix 2018 for Forza Football

Playful corporate design – Red Dot: Grand Prix for Forza Football

Communicating company values and improving usability – these were the objectives behind the corporate design for the Forza Football app by the company of the same name. With a playful yet simple language of form, striking colours and a clear typography, Forza Football and the agency responsible, Kazakoff Design, won over the Red Dot Jury. The corporate design from Sweden was awarded the top distinction for communication design, the ‘Red Dot: Grand Prix’, in the Red Dot Award 2018.

Playful design, deeper message

Stockholm-based design office Kazakoff created a corporate design that aimed through its flexibility and playful approach to reflect the company’s objectives: to make the world of football a better and more democratic place. Forza Football aims to achieve the former through its own values: it is democratically structured and has a vertical hierarchy without bosses and investors.

The desire for a more democratic football environment is carried through to the app: every fan around the world should have the option to follow his or her favourite team. To make this possible, the live score app provides users with the results and status of games in more than 800 football leagues. In addition, users can exchange views, get notifications and access highlights videos of virtually all of the games.

Inspired by the football players’ uniforms and the country flags, the sophisticated corporate design echoes the idea of democracy. Not only are all country and jersey colours represented, the design is reduced to stripes, plus signs and rhombuses – shapes found on most country flags. The endless combinations possible and the resulting diversity of the corporate design aims to reflect the diversity of the Forza Football employees and football fans.

Powerful and attention-grabbing

The Red Dot Jury was won over by the corporate design created by Kazakoff for Forza Football. The jurors showed their appreciation by awarding the highest distinction in the competition, the ‘Red Dot: Grand Prix’. This honour is bestowed on very few entries: the award can only be given once for each category. The jurors provided the following grounds for their decision: “Based on a clear and simplified logotype, this corporate design has emerged as a visually rich look. It reflects the flags of all the nations taking part in the football league and, as a special feature, has coded and broken them down into individual components including bars, plus signs and rhombuses. The resulting range of shapes and colours catches the eye with an outstandingly powerful yet playful appearance.”

Official celebration of the laureates of the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019 in Berlin on 1 November

The names of the designers and companies that were successful this year with their innovative ideas will be announced on 1 November 2019. That is the date when the Red Dot Gala takes place in the Konzerthaus in Berlin. Traditionally, it is not until this event that the winners of the Red Dot: Grand Prix are announced. You can find more information on the award ceremony here.

The Red Dot Gala 2018 in review: