Red Dot Award: Product Design

Design to suit every taste

Tableware: design to suit every taste

Nutrition is a topic that is being talked about more and more. A healthy and balanced diet in particular plays a major role in personal well-being. Conscious and mindful eating, enjoying every bite, is in keeping with the well-known expression “a feast for the eyes”. And it’s not just the dish itself but also an appealing arrangement of attractive plates, cups and cutlery that is increasingly at the centre of attention. In the Red Dot Award: Product Design, the jury members bestowed awards on tableware that won them over with its versatility and creativity and make mealtimes the highlight of the day once more.

Decorative and functional

It’s not so easy to enjoy your food if the dish you slaved over has gone cold on the plate. With the “HIDE” tableware designed by Gemma Bernal, RAK Porcelain Europe has come up with an attractively designed solution to this problem. The range comprises plates featuring diverse designs and matching porcelain lids, each of which has an easy-to-hold grip. This keeps your meal hot and succulent for longer. The jury awarded the product a Red Dot in recognition of its remarkably distinctive design, which marries variability with functionality.

Versatile and beautifully designed

The tableware collection “it’s my match” from Villeroy & Boch won a Red Dot for its design. It is geared primarily to a young target group and is particularly versatile. All of the pieces in the collection can be combined at will thanks to the modern colour palette. They are multifunctional in use for any meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. The surfaces of the tableware feature nature-inspired structures in a nod to current interiors and fashion trends. Helena Boddenberg’s design is informed by variability and creates a consistent overall picture through the choice of colours, materials and structures.

Radiantly colourful

The two tableware collections “Shiny & Happy” from colarty received a Red Dot for good design. They work well at different levels and comprise tumblers, glasses, bowls, plates, trays, jugs and bottler coolers that are made entirely from indestructible and fully recyclable aluminium. This makes them a versatile, resilient and eco-friendly companion. The wide range of brilliant trend colours are a joy to behold, echoing the motto “colour your heart”. The design of the tableware by Nadin Ostendorf and Nicole Nusser has a fresh and unconventional appearance.

Healthy design

We’ve all been in situations where our eyes were bigger than our stomach. It’s often the size of the plate that encourages us to eat more than necessary. The tableware “Por-Dee” from Tanya Ceramic offers a remedy for this behaviour. The graphic designs on the plates show the right portion sizes for a balanced and healthy lifestyle and the right quantities of each food group. To avoid creating the impression of tiny portions, the design by Pimsiri Nilkositya uses the Delboeuf illusion, where a circle appears bigger if it is surrounded by another circle. The Red Dot Jury awarded the work an Honourable Mention.

Red Dot Award: Product Design open for entries from 14 October 2019

All those who are successful in the Red Dot Award: Product Design can be confident that they are part of the design elite. Only the most outstanding products receive the internationally renowned distinction. Manufacturers and designers can submit their products to the Red Dot Award: Product Design and let them be evaluated by the Red Dot Jury from 14 October 2019. Those who succeed in standing out from the rest with their exceptional design quality will be duly celebrated at the Red Dot Gala on 22 June 2020.