3D Printing Head Radiotherapy Positioning Mask

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3D Printing Head Radiotherapy Positioning Mask comprises a mask and a fixator. The mask is customised using 3D printing technology, which improves the mask’s accuracy and performance. The fixator is made to last while reducing material consumption. ln addition, the mask and fixators can be adjusted according to the size of the patient’s head. This allow the radiotherapy to achieve effects that are more precise. Three key considerations define the design process. The first aspect is high precision: 3D scanning measures the patient's head, and 3D point cloud technology then completes the mask from scanning to accurate printing, ensuring that the mask is completely fitted and greatly improving fixing accuracy. The second aspect is humanisation: by replacing the traditional pressing method with 3D scanning and printing, the patient can easily go through the mask production process without any discomfort. The third aspect is material conservation: the component design and the fixator can be used for a long time as non-consumables, and the patient only needs to print the mask, thereby reducing the use of materials. The mask-making process is divided into the following steps: first, the patient only have to lie flat for a 3D scan of the head and face; second, by defining rules for the mask’s printing area, the computer automatically recognises the data of the patient’s head and face, and after completing the printing area recognition, personalised masks can be customised according to different mask styles. Finally, 3D printing technology is used to finish printing the mask. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | 3D Printed

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