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The first series of design chairs inspired by bionic forms and structures found in nature, and 3D printed in concrete using the highest resolution concrete powder-bed printing technology available today. The CHAIR N°ONE revisits elements in nature, which are reflected in the chair’s design language. Intricate bionic structures emulate patterns found in plants and other living things. The 3D printing method reveals manufacturing nuances in the form of patterns similar to tree rings, giving each piece a distinct signature. The cement printing compounds can be chosen based on whether the CHAIR N°ONE will be used indoors or outdoors, making the chair a universally usable piece of artistic design furniture. Sustainably printed on recycled glass as its base material, the CHAIR N°ONE embodies a future-proof way to create and reshape objects that are interacted with on a daily basis. The chairs are printed in a single piece, ensuring structural stability and a continuous, smooth surface. The raw sensations provided by the material instantly connect the user to the object, fulfilling the desire for simplicity, purity and essentiality.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | 3D Printed

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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