Aero Table

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Aero Table connects the morphological and functional features of product and furniture and embodies the aesthetic concept of spaciousness. It functions as a robot cleaner, air purifier, and side table, but its philosophy of cleanliness extends beyond cleaning air and dust to a visually and aesthetically clean and “empty” space. Aero Table cleans like a house-elf when the owner is away and returns to its original intended location when the owner returns home to rest. Aero Table then cleans the air using the existing motors mounted on a robot hoover cleaner and clean station, ensuring that the product is not purposeless in any situation. By incorporating multiple values into a single product, Aero Table reduces unnecessary waste of resources. Designed with meaningful aesthetic, the robot cleaner improves the quality of life of users even when it is not in use, instead of just taking up space. Aero Table also communicates information through mood lights and speakers integrated into its table surface, providing an added sense of atmosphere. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Domestic Aid and Home Appliances

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