Electronics meets Crafts: Engraving Phenomena - SOYO GU

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Soyo Gu is a 2-metre-tall floor-type fan design that is part of the Kyoto KADEN Lab., a co-creation project undertaken by Panasonic. The intention of the project is to work with traditional industries in Kyoto to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese sensibilities and the origins of manufacturing, while developing new designs for consumer electronics by harnessing external feedback. The founding concept of Soyo Gu is ‘Electronics Meets Crafts: Engraving Phenomena’, which emerged from a quest not merely for materials and technologies, but also for experiences that people find comforting. Panasonic believes that it is indeed the sensibilities and experiences that are deeply engrained in our hearts that have enriching value transcending generations, such as that of a comforting gentle breeze. Soyo Gu reproduces the pleasant sensation of a gentle breeze by combining Panasonic technologies with traditional bamboo basket weaving craftsmanship, focusing on three key elements: ‘to feel the gentle breeze from head to toe’, ‘to be quiet’ and ‘to evoke an imagery of grass swaying in the wind’. Thanks to a virtually silent brushless DC motor, two specifically designed large and transparent blades rotate slowly, generating a breeze that when passing through the woven cover, causes the bamboo to move gently, thus visualising the presence of air. A crafted object designed to be cherished for a long time, Soyo Gu is made of brass, cherry wood and bamboo. Not only do these materials provide performance, they will also age beautifully and create a bespoke patina over time to truly become your personal object. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Domestic Aid

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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