AIRSCP Concept Train

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To rethink public transportation mobility, AIRSCP strives for higher design quality as well as new, pleasant passenger experiences that will convince people to use public transportation instead of private vehicles. The unusual backward tilt of the train’s facia creates a unique and recognisable image of reverse dynamic, and strong brutal architecture, which is associated with autonomous and smart mobility. It is easy to spot this train at night and in low light because of its unique ditch lights. The train driver’s comfort is a priority—the large windshield provides a good view of the railroad, and the area on top of the coupler gives the train driver a good opportunity to clean the cabin. The extended front overhang, which serves as a crash protection system, ensures the safety of the passengers and the driver. The train’s interior design is human-centred. The area above the control cabin, for example, is used as a lounge that allows people to see the road from the driver’s perspective. With soft and comfortable surfaces, it can even be used as a children’s playground or a place of relaxation. Furthermore, the panoramic rooftop and complex structure of the big windows provide passengers with a new sightseeing experience. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

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